Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Afternoon Videos

When I was younger, NBC used to have a show that came on after Conan called Friday Night Videos. If you were one of the last kids on the block without cable, it was your only way to watch music videos. Of course, since they don’t really make music videos anymore, there’s no need for a show called Friday Night Videos. However every Friday afternoon, Tommy’s Friday Afternoon videos will take its place. (Why call it Friday Afternoon Videos? Because that’s when I’ll be posting them fool!)

Now The format of Friday Night Videos went as follows: they showed the hot music videos of the day, mixed in with some standup comedy. The format of Friday Afternoon Videos is music videos of songs I like, both old and new, mixed with fucked up shit I found on YouTube. If a friend of mines makes a video, that goes on here too. Today I’ll be posting three music videos, a stand up routine. That’s four videos in all. Plus, FNV also had a feature called the video juke box, where a video would go head to head with other videos, and you had to call a 1900 number to vote and it cost something like 0.99 cents to vote. I’m not about to do that though, instead the voting will be with your comments, and instead of posting videos to vote on, I’ll just link you to them. Plus, I’ll be taking requests! (If you want to request a song telling me to go kill myself, I’ll play it!)

So we begin the first installment of: Friday Afternoon Videos!!!

Video #1: Halo 3 kills to Rev Theory's Hell Yeah!I love the game Halo, and Hell Yeah is my favorite song at the moment. Since I couldn't upload the great vid of this song (Thanks Universal Music Group, way to know your fans and eliminate a potential promotional vehicle for your bands. Leave it to the music industry to again be stuck five years behind the times as usual!) I chose Halo 3 kills that went with this song, so enjoy.

That was Rev Theory with "Hell Yeah!" coming up next, music from Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, NWA, and stand up from commedian Katt Williams, after these messages!

In memory of Michael Jackson, we have one of his most underrated songs...only its not Michael Jackson or Paul McCartney in the video...thats right, we're taking a classic 80's song and wondering what would happen if the two most prominent entertainers of this decade gave it a shot, its right in their wheelhouse, and considering the MJ rebirth thru death, they shouldn't definately give it a shot, so here's Usher and Justin with Say Say Say

Great vid, now here's some comedy from Katt Williams

More FAV coming up after this!Friday Afternoon Videos is sponsored by Slap Chop! You’re gonna love our nuts!

And now we're back, with some old school gangsta shit!

Video Jukebox time, going head to head this week:
Drake's The Best I've ever had
A real muhfuckin hip hop love song from a real hip hop legend, not a Degrassi flunkie! LL Cool J I Need Love
Thats it for Friday Afternoon Videos, I'm your host Tommy saying have a great weekend!

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