Monday, July 20, 2009

A Myspace Survey

You know the rules people, take a boring survey, spice it up by answering the question, then making my own smartass comments about them...if you want, (in fact I recommend this) do the same thing. Why am I doing this you might ask? Well I saw something that one should never have to see today, a combination of heartbreaking and disgusting, and I'll leave it at that, so I'm pretty down right now, so I'm going to try to throw myself into this to see if I feel better...

how often do you see your ex?
depends on the ex really (who makes these questions, don't they know that most people take steps to AVOID seeing their ex's and its not something they do by accident?)

Would you ever donate blood?
ive done it several times :) ill keep doin it till i die (note: this was Diana's answer first, in the words of Frank Abagnale Jr., I concur)

Is someone on your mind right now?
yes :-D (mucha mwas babes)

Who was the last person to text you?
Chrissy :-D (*ding* the pilot has now turned the no mushiness sign, please don't show anymore signs that ur sprung!)

Do you believe in love?
Thats a great song by Huey Lewis and the News (I'm not answering that question because, well, I'm not there yet)

When was the last time you were soo drunk you threw up?
Wow, like a year ago at Giselle's b-day party, really a crowning achievement, 5 long islands, a patron shot with steve, some girly drinks I had to drink with my sister, a drunken phone call where I singlehandedly turned Diana off to that Kardinal Offishall song dangerous, I redecorated Gisselle's bathroom and Steve's car all on one night (sorry Gisselle, sorry Steve, sorry Diana, still what a great fucking night! Gisselle, you having another b-day shindig? Am I invited?)

Do you miss anyone?
yeah, a few people, and someone else who's not the same anymore

Are you closer to your mother or father?
its the same level with both, adulthood can do that to you, you try to rebel against your parents throughout your teen years, but then as you get older and start to mellow out a bit, you think more like them, as the late great Tim Russert once said "The older I get, the smarter my father gets." Well I think the same thing goes for me and my parents too. (We'll be back to this edition of Tommy Galicia: 25 going on 50 right after this!)

Do you have trust issues?
I trust who I trust because they earn it! And there are some people who I'm still waiting to make the leap! (Trust HAS to be earned, it can't just be given away)

Did you like anyone last summer?
well, there was one person on my mind...
What color is your hair?
brown (again stolen from Diana, but true!)

Whats the closest red object to you?

Could you date someone taller than you?
tried that once, nope, as a guy you just feel inadequate

What did you do last night?
quiet night at sports grill

Do you live near your best friend?
well, I have 4 of them and couldn't be happier, I live by 2 of them, one lives in illinois, the other lives in TX!

Your most recent ex says he/she hates you, you say?
she wouldn't ever say that to me, at least I don't think so

How did you get your last bruise?
walked into a wall

Think back in February, how was your love life then?
pretty ok really, wasn't seeing anyone

Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of 2008?
a lot has changed, both good and bad (as usually happens in 19 months, doy!

Expecting something to change in the next month?
starting work again, getting more money

What are you doing next month?
I just answered that! (they pretty much asked the same question!)

Will you be in a relationship next month?
I hope so, I just hope that my hatred of Miley and her love of Miley doesn't interfere

Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?

On a roof?
yes (now try on a roof in the rain! Got a lot of yall there :-D)

In a car?
yepp (stolen from Diana cuz I'm too lazy to write it out myself when its the same answer, and yes I know I wasted more time writing out this explanation, in the words of Liz, BITE ME!)

On a boat?
yes (for the first time, a positive reason to do this....Ladies and Gentlemen, the Amanda De La Cruz Era!)

In the movies?
yes (ladies and gentlemen, high school!)

At the beach?
yes (I live in Miami Trick, pretty much if you live here and don't kiss someone or get kissed on the beach, ur pathetic, end of story!)

Whats the worst feeling in the world?
yeesh, the stomach punch...not a literall stomach punch but a figurative one...I'll discuss that later on, like if I don't have anymore ideas left and its not Friday Afternoon so I can't rely on music videos)

The person you like says they like you, you say?
I like you to, you're a really cool person (actual words I said the other day, I know, how lame, yet this girl is actually with me)

Can you sleep in jeans?

Has the opposite sex (excluding family) ever sang to you before?
surprisingly, no :-( (seriously, no one has ever sang for me)

Who was your last missed call from?
Dad (I'm not an asshole, I called him right back, I was showering!)

Are you a jealous person?
I never thought I was but I guess I am

Do you have a bad temper?
if u piss me off enough I do!

Do you like your life so far?
Yea, life has its ups, its downs, its a rollercoaster, but in the end, its just a ride, and its up to you and you alone to change the direction of that ride, but thats what it is, a ride

What are you doing right now besides this?
talkin to the person I stole this survey from

What are you doing this weekend?
idk yet really, we'll see!

Any plans for tonight?
finishing this survey

where is your heart?
in my chest

what does you last text say?
yo thomas, down to play pool tomorrow night from shawn

There's the survey...u know the drill, copy it, paste it in a bulliten!

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