Monday, January 17, 2011

Researchers In Japan Attempt to Resurrect The Mammoth in Five Years

Play the tune while reading this.

But who's effed up idea is this? Courtesy of YahooNews.

TOKYO (AFP) – Japanese researchers will launch a project this year to resurrect the long-extinct mammoth by using cloning technology to bring the ancient pachyderm back to life in around five years time.

The researchers will try to revive the species by obtaining tissue this summer from the carcass of a mammoth preserved in a Russian research laboratory, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported.

"Preparations to realise this goal have been made," Akira Iritani, leader of the team and a professor emeritus of Kyoto University, told the mass-circulation daily.

Under the plan, the nuclei of mammoth cells will be inserted into an elephant's egg cell from which the nuclei have been removed, to create an embryo containing mammoth genes, the report said.

The embryo will then be inserted into an elephant's uterus in the hope that the animal will eventually give birth to a baby mammoth.

The elephant is the closest modern relative of the mammoth, a huge woolly mammal believed to have died out with the last Ice Age.

Who thinks this is a good idea? Seriously?

That's why I added the Jurassic Park theme. Because this reminded me of the movie (and the brilliant book by Michael Crichton, better than the movie in my humble opinion.)

I'm just going to assume that these scientists didn't see what happened at the end of the movie.

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