Friday, January 7, 2011

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...(A Look At How A Thomas Galicia Article Gets Written.)

This post might make me look even more concieted than I already am while at the same time probably upsetting someone here or there. Whatever, I'm still posting it.

I figured this would be a fun time to let all of you in on how I wrote my latest article "Miami Dolphins: The Current and Honest Feeling of a Life Long Miami Dolphins Fan," while at the same time promoting my not yet published book.

First off, I decided to make this a break-up article, I'm sure you saw that right off the bat.

Why? Well my beautiful and super-intelligent sister Loren once described her love of the Miami Heat (the only professional team she cares about in the only sport she cares about) like this: "Its like a relationship, and if its going bad and I'm being mistreated and they're not doing their job, than I'm out of there."

Of course, the Miami Heat are the opposite of that but that was what she had said during their tumultuous start earlier this season.

As for the Dolphins, not the same. I'm glad she a. doesn't like football and b. isn't a Miami Dolphins fan, because she would've kicked them to the curb years ago.

Of course, I'm not "breaking up" with the Dolphins because of the losing, but because of the many things both on and off the field that they continue to fail at.

See the Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins are like The Hilton and Motel 6.

But that's another article for another day, sorry to get all off topic.

Since this was a "break-up" article, I actually used inspiration from my book (coming to a bookstore near you at some point in time), where the main female character, Annette, breaks up with the main male character, Tommy.

Well to call Annette a MAIN female character is a stretch, she doesn't have much dialogue in the book, in fact most of the book is about Tommy getting over Annette, sorry I'm talking in tangents again.

Anyways, some of the dialogue in the article is lifted straight of Annette's dialogue in the book, therefore some of it was a simple copy+paste job.

The rest was stuff I added (the relationship in the book and reason for its demise was different from this one) was stuff that was important to why I decided to "break up" with the Miami Dolphins.

Then I added videos from the good times of Dan Marino, and the bad times of Ted Ginn and his family, rehashed bad memories from 2002 when the Dolphins were the most talented team in the AFC but were led by a complete dunce, rehashed the good times as well, and just simply explained that, Miami, it was over!

Of course at the end I admit that it wasn't, I don't know if that takes some of the bite out of the article or if it proves to the readers that that's just my feelings at the time, but either way, this was an article I've been thinking of while the entire Sparano/Harbaugh soap opera that again embarrassed the Miami Dolphins played out.

So now that you've read the article (you did read the article first, right? If you didn't, now would be a good time to do it!) and you've seen how I wrote it, I hope you enjoyed it.

And Let's Go Heat! (and Dolphins.)

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