Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is the Slim Shady I Grew Up Listening To Back?

Remember back in 2000 when life was more simple?

When we were worried about the President Of The United States lying about cheating on his wife instead of him possibly lying about his religion?

When I was only in high school and life at least seemed better?

At that time, it was no argument, Eminem was the most interesting man in all of music as well as the greatest rapper alive.

Eminem's apex (1999-2002) compares favorably with that of 2pac's (1994-1996), Jay-Z's (2001-2003), and Ice Cube's (1990-1993), and far surpasses that of so-called current "Greatest Rapper Alive" Lil Wayne (his apex was actually 2004-2008, and even then you could argue that T.I. or Kanye were actually the best rappers of that time period.)

But Eminem has slipped, despite the acclaim that his latest album got. However the track I just posted shows signs of promise, and has me wondering and hoping that Eminem has returned to the Slim Shady that I remember.

For the sake of music as a whole, I hope so.

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