Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Talkin' Music

There's no "Bleacher Report" for music, so this will have to suffice.

Ah yes, the break-up song, or even the FU song inspired by the breakup. Its as old as music itself. It was around in the 70's:

The 80's, which was chalk full of break up songs, not so much with FU songs though:

Then the 90's, where some of the FU edge came back:

The 00's gave us this classic, more FU, less breakup, however a clear indication that the guy isn't totally over the girl

Hell even Miley Cyrus *kinda* got into the swing of things:

(is this a breakup song? Is it dedicated to a Jonas Brother? If one of them thinks it is about them, I have another song that could probably describe them better that's way before their time, I also dedicate this to anyone who might get the wrong idea about this post)

Now why write about break-up songs? Good question. To show how far music has gone in the last few years.

According to some reports, Disney starlet Demi Lovato left a tour she was on with the Jonas Brothers for to enter treatment-not rehab, no, no, no, but treatment in order to deal with "physical and emotional issues."

Now taking that at face value I was thinking "great, another Disney starlet on drugs, say hello to the Lindsay Lohan of the 2010's." However, upon further review, it really is treatment for physical and emotional issues.

How sad is it that the first thing you think of when a star enters treatment is automatically drugs or alcohol? Can't people just be going through some shit and need time off? Its a greater reflection of how cynical we've become as a society than anything.

So anyways, I took an interest in this to see what's up, and apparently Demi Lovato used to date Joe Jonas, who's now dating some other girl. Whom he happened to take on tour with them!

You stay classy Joe Jonas. Just wondering but, is it possible that maybe the whole virgin gimmick they have is just a gimmick, no more true than Mark Callaway being "The Undertaker" or Matt Bourne being "Doink The Clown?" Because it seems like these guys, specifically Joe, are actually John Mayer type playboys. And speaking of John Mayer, how come he hasn't written a song yet called "I tapped that?"

Now being that Demi Lovato is still a baby pretty much, I could imagine that this would cause some type of internal strife on her. On top of that, Disney does run their stars through sweatshop type schedules. Don't believe me? Turn on your TV and flip the channels, you can't go 30 seconds without seeing Selena Gomez somewhere.

Now of course, had she been in her 20's, odds are Demi continues the tour, and while on tour seeing Joe and his new beau suck face she crafts a biting breakup FU song to him. And if she's really vicious she'll do what Gwen Stefani did and make him play a guitar solo. (Listen to don't speak again, that guitar solo is actually played by the guy that the song is about!)

But in the world of Disney I guess you can't write nasty FU breakup songs. In fact I'm almost certain that its against Disney rules to go into FU mode, which is sad because FU mode also gave us Fleetwood Mac's Rumors, one of the greatest albums of all time. (Google Fleetwood Mac if you don't know the story behind that album, its crazy.)

So instead, she gets treatment. Hopefully she pulls through and does well, and for her sake hopefully Ms. Lovato writes a kicking breakup FU song while in there. History will tell her that its the best thing she can do commercially. All of the songs I posted were Top-10 hits with massive radio airplay, and Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" is the fourth best selling album of all time.

And just to cap it off, while not a break up nor an FU song, here's a favorite song of mines that does have an interesting and rather macabre story behind it

Thanks to for the references, and thanks to youtube for having the songs.

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