Thursday, November 4, 2010

Talkin' Music Part 2 Mashup Edition

As you can probably tell by now, music is a passion of mines that rivals sports, well, almost.

Except I'm not too big a fan of today's music, which I'm trying to figure out, is it a reflection of me, or the state of music right now?

I consider myself musically open-minded, so I'm blaming the music. I've heard a few good songs this year, but have only purchased one album released this year (Eminem.)

I consider Justin Bieber to be pretty good. Don't judge me, but the kid has talent. And he's a Miami Dolphins fan.

Bruno Mars has his moments, can't say I'm a huge fan but the guy has talent. Same goes with BoB.

And if I hear that Taio Cruz song one more time, I think I'll strap some dynamite to someone.

But what I do listen to, other than older music, and what has become my new thing, mashups.

The first real mashup I had heard of was DangerMouse's "The Grey Album" which was a mashup of Jay-Z's "Black Album" and The Beatles "White Album." I expected the worst, but it sounded pretty good.

Since then I've loved listening to these crazy mashups, so I thought I'd share them with you, consider it a soundtrack to my latest NFL picks article and to my Randy Moss article.

Outkast vs. The Clash: Rock The Roses

Come on, isn't the beat to "Rock The Casbah" just screaming to be sampled to an awesome song? I still can't believe it hasn't. This wouldn't have happened if Diddy was still Puff Daddy.

Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg vs. Grease: You're the One That I Want In The Next Episode

Almost a perfect mix, they synch up well, even from the verses until the hook. This is a crowd pleaser because everyone knows at least one of these songs, I happen to know and like both.

Jay-Z vs. Nena: 99 Problems But A Balloon Aint One

Jay-Z is the most mashed-up artist of all time. But that's because his flows are that smooth that they can synch up to anything, especially on this song, which numerically comes together very well.

Devo vs. Soulja Boy Tell'em: Crank Dat Whip It

I can't stand Soulja Boy, he represents everything wrong with music today. I mean, other than twelve year old boys who want to be dancers, who the hell listens to this shit? Yeah, Crank Dat was cute when it came out but by now, seriously, its time to go. But this song does make him sound decent.

Scary Musical Transition Cue:

Did that freak you out?

Michael Jackson vs. Nelly Furtado f/ Timbaland: Be Promiscuous With You

This makes the song sound classier...and they sound so seamless together. If they play this at a club or party, who's sitting down?

Jay-Z vs. Justin Timberlake: Song Cry Me A River

See what I mean about Jay-Z? And to think, both songs talk about the same thing. This won't be the last time you'll see Justin either.

Huey Lewis And The News vs. 50 Cent: The Power In Da Club

If in thirty years they remake Back To The Future and set the 50's scenes in 2000, then you know for sure that the new Marty McFly would probably perform "In Da Club" at the dance where his parents are supposed to fall in love.

Rick Astley vs. DMX: Where The Hood At? (Never Gonna Give You Up remix)

Very surprising how well these go together.

Justin Timberlake vs. Eminem: Cry Me A River, Superman

This one is a better treatment of Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Mathers. Goes very well together.

Notorious B.I.G. vs. Miley Cyrus: Juicy In The USA

If you know me then you'd know that I die a little bit inside as I listen to it. But its actually a good mix. Now would Biggie work with Miley if he were alive? Believe it or not, yes. Remember, he's signed with Bad Boy, Diddy would've made him do it!

2pac vs. Big L vs. Jay-Z vs. Miley Cyrus: Freestyling In The USA

This however I know would never HAPPEN! And DJ that made this, how could you not put on "And The Jay-Z song was on" after Jay-Z's verse?

LL Cool J vs. Dexy's Midnight Runners: Knock Out Eileen

And this one is the best one by far.

Now listen to these songs and tell me you don't feel like dancing! Thanks for reading and have fun jamming out. Leave me some of your favorite mashups in the comments!

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