Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Been A Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You...

It's been about a week and a half since my last post. Well really it says on the page when my last post was, and simple subtraction would be the way to figure out how long, but quite frankly I'm not quite in the mood for that right now. I just want to write, because there's a lot to get out there.

First off, I completed Chapter One of my still untitled book. I was thinking about posting it on here as a way to get feedback, but since no one seems to read this damn thing except Albie, I figured it would be easier to just print it out and give him a copy. If you are interested in reading it, then let me know and I'll be sure to get you a copy somehow, some way.

Secondly, work is going very well. I thought that with the economy, more parents would be thinking that getting their children any type of supplemental help to pass this year's FCAT's or improve their grades would be one of those things cut. However I'm completely booked from Monday until Thursday (I don't work Fridays and we're closed Saturdays), and more people seem to be interested. So please parents, keep it up!

My Thoughts on this year's Super Bowl: Really the best fourth Quarter since last year's game, but the rest of the game was kind of a dud. The officiating was terrible on both sides, neither team really struck me as a team that you would think of as "Super Bowl Champions" this year, and The Boss was only "Adequate" but did give us a new internet sensation that has already on its way to replacing the rickroll as ways to annoy people from their computer. (I actually like the song, however I'd be totally pissed off if someone sent me this, and if you want to see it, click on it because I'm not going to go into length about it.) Other than that, yes, it was a great fourth quarter, and yes, both of Holmes' feet were in bounds, however that last play should've been challenged. The call was correct, but had it been challenged there would be no doubt. (BTW, I still contend that this was the worst call in a championship game ever.)

NBA Trade Deadline: The Heat haven't traded Marion yet, which surprises many. But if anyone is a master poker player, its Pat Riley. Right now it seems that everyone in the NBA is selling, including the Heat obviously to prepare for 2010. But for the right deal, the Heat could find themselves buying AND be in good shape for 2010. The hot rumors out there are Marion to New Orleans for Tyson Chandler and Marion to Phoenix for Amare. First off, either one is a good fit for both our present and future. With Chandler we'll have a defense minded center that would make it tough for anyone to out-rebound us on any given night when playing alongside Haslem and Beasley. However the bigger impact would be a trade for Amare, however, some things have to happen for this to really work at least in my opinion. First off, Riley needs to find a 3rd team to take Marion, because Phoenix won't. Then they'd have to part with Beasley, which I'm mixed about. Third, yes it should excite Amare that he'll be teamed with Wade for the next two years, but there is no guarantee.

The Chandler deal is a bigger and possibly better possibility. According to the ESPN Trade Machine, this deal should work. What makes it better is that while Phoenix wants a player who they can build around in return, the Hornets are just looking to clear cap space, so an expiring Marion contract along with the rights to a European player might just look good enough for them to take the bait. Put in your own ideas in the trade machine and give it a try if you have any better ideas, then send it to me. A Chandler deal also works better because he's better defensively and could help the Heat against a KG or Dwight Howard. I'm aware that they'll still be missing an offensive piece, but honestly would they really? If Beasley continues to develop the way he has and Chalmers continues to show why he shouldn't have been taken so low, then Wade will have plenty of help. Add to that James Jones, the return of Dorell Wright, and a sneaky strong bench, and with Chandler the Heat would be contenders. (Note: I might be biased but I've liked Chandler since he was with the Bulls and always felt that he was the victim of atrocious GM's in Chicago, however it was the same atrocious GM that is responsible for him being in New Orleans.) Plus like I mentioned before, the Hornets are just trying to cut cap room and avoid the luxury tax, so they'll take an expiring contract and European prospect for him, at least that's the hope.

Finally, I'd like to give a shout out to everyone who's taking the time to read this. Hopefully you were entertained. Feel free to shoot an e-mail at me, and I will try to reply. I won't guarantee it will be nice, but I will reply. Thank you and Peace Out!

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