Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Mission Statement

I've dabbled in writing for years, yet I could never seem to finish anything. But I feel that by posting this goal of mines to the public on facebook, I'm going to have to deliver the goods or else I face massive backlash, while at the same time hopefully get some encouragement from my friends to finish this.

I decided that my first book will be a part fiction but mostly fact book about The History of South Florida Sports. Think of it this way, an Encyclopedia of everything you've ever wanted to know about sports in South Florida, mixed in with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. This project doesn't have a deadline but lets just say if its not finished by this time next year, bad things will happen to good people. I'm going to write it piece by piece and not in chronological order, and some of it (when relevant) will be posted up in my blogs on blogger and myspace. I'm not sure how long the book will be, but it will definitely take a lot of research, I might even have to go to some libraries for this one! Of course if you'd like to serve as my unpaid intern (thats a nice way of saying my bitch) feel free to contact me at or leave me a message here on myspace. The first part that I've written is actually going to be somewhere much later on in the book, for I've already figured out what would go where and how.

Here's a link to that blog post right here: or you could go to the blog on my myspace profile and read for yourself. Tell me what I should change, your feedback is very important to me.

Thank you in advance, and if this damn thing ever does get published, then I'll most definitely thank those that helped out with the book in the book itself, as well as purchase them something nice along with an autographed copy of the book.

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